On the Way to Paradise del Fiume Giallo

born: 17.10.2007
color: red
owner: Roberto Dell'Oro
Ch. Suel Sihote-Alinn Rahat Lukum Ch. Rokky Red Klayd Ch. Ayhen
Ch. Rubin Astheraus Legenda Oseni Ch. Snezhnyh Stran Lord Sherman
Ch. Elissa
Ch. From Day to Day del Fiume Giallo Ch. Bingma-Jong Toy Soldier Ch. Hoang-Ho del Ceppo Rosso
T'ai-P'ing T'ien-Kwo Pussy Cat
Ch. Samsaran Jasmin in Blue Ch. Nickelodeons Alias After Dark
Samsaran Fiore Nera
5 months
5 months
3 months
3 months
3 months

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